There are many people who care about what yunyun does and how to make delicious food every day. I feel that what I am engaged in is really a super happy job. Yunyun is a research and development assistant of a food research and development kitchen. She accompanies food every day, enjoys the happiness brought by food and cooking, and brings delicious food and health to the people around her.


Two black chickens
1 spare ribs
Half red jujube
2 Lycium barbarum fruits
A bowl of water
Moderate amount of American ginseng
Appropriate amount of Huadiao wine
Moderate salt
3G concentrated chicken juice


Step 1
Cut the chicken into pieces, remove the excess oil, and fly the water (put it into the boiling water, and the water comes out again). Put in a small bowl, and put in the spareribs.

Step 2
Add jujube, medlar, American ginseng, concentrated chicken juice, Huadiao wine and salt, pour in water and mix well.

Step 3
Cover the small bowl, put it into the steamer and steam for two hours.