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250g low gluten flour
90g chicken oil
15g chicken oil residue
3-4 scallions
2G soda powder
1 / 4 South milk
100g sugar
1 egg


Step 1
First cut the green onion into small cubes and marinate with a little salt

Step 2
Use kitchen paper to dry and set aside

Step 3
Fry the chicken skin with subcutaneous fat and remove the chicken oil residue

Step 4
Take advantage of the remaining temperature to make the sugar and nanru melt into one

Step 5
Sift the flour and soda, then pour in the liquid

Step 6
Mix in chicken oil residue and scallion, hold a scraper and turn over to mix all the ingredients.

Step 7
This is the finished dough, then put it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

Step 8
Divide the dough into balls of about 20 grams each

Step 9
Then use the mold to press out the shape, and then put it into the cold room to freeze for 15-30 minutes, also to help shape.