Moss chicken floss changes the meat floss with only one color. Moss has a salty taste and does not need salt. For raw color matching. Suitable for all ages. Delicious. Innovative dishes. It is found that some beans use too much material to make paste. They should not be 500g, but 400g Do it a little.


400g chicken
5g moss strip
5ml raw extract
10g soft white sugar


Step 1

Step 2
The chicken is boiled in water.

Step 3
Tear the chicken into shreds.

Step 4
Cut the moss into small pieces.

Step 5
Put the shredded chicken in the toaster. Sugar and soy sauce.

Step 6
The meat floss stall works. Open the feeding box and put the moss strip in the last ten minutes.

Step 7
Finish opening.

Step 8
Finished products.

Step 9
Macro shooting.