Super suitable for making wine, vegetables and snacks. Friends who like drama and spicy taste might as well try it by themselves. It’s simple and hygienic. The key is delicious


1000g chicken feet
1 grass fruit
380g garlic
1g star anise
1 tablespoon soy sauce
3 tablespoons salt
60g pepper
5g ginger
1 ml white vinegar
2 g Sugar


Step 1
Subtract chicken claw nails, cut in half, spare

Step 2
Chop garlic and pepper and set aside

Step 3
Add ginger when adding water

Step 4
After cooking, be sure to rinse and cool with cold water to ensure the taste of chicken feet

Step 5
Marinate chicken feet for 10 minutes to prepare fried spices

Step 6
Add spices such as garlic

Step 7
Add sugar and stir fry until colored