The chicken feet bought on the street always feel uneasy. You’d better make them yourself when you have time


15 chicken feet
2 garlic
Right amount of star anise
4 grass fruits
Proper amount of pepper
Fennel seed
A little oil
Proper amount of salt
A little soy sauce


Step 1
Clean the chicken feet you bought and get rid of your nails

Step 2
Star anise, grass fruit, Chinese prickly ash and fennel seed are ready

Step 3
Put the seasoning in a cloth bag, put it into the pot, add salt and soy sauce

Step 4
About 20 minutes, chicken feet are almost the same

Step 5
Remove the chicken feet and put them in a bowl of marinade

Step 6
In the process of marinated chicken feet, the garlic can be peeled and minced

Step 7
Heat the oil in a hot pot, add garlic powder and burst out the flavor

Step 8
Add the marinated chicken feet, stir fry a few times, and add the marinade

Step 9
After the juice is collected, it can be eaten