Chicken feet with chilli sauce, a delicious appetizer


Proper chicken feet
Appropriate white sugar
A small amount of sesame oil
Appropriate Vanilla
Proper ginger and garlic
It tastes delicious
Proper fuel consumption
Appropriate horseradish
Appropriate salt and monosodium glutamate
Proper ginger oil
Proper smoking
Proper pepper


Step 1
1. Stir fry the sugar color with white sugar, drain the water properly, and cool it for standby.

Step 2
2. Melt the chicken feet into ice and remove the nails. Put salt, ginger and vanilla into the pot in cold water to mainly remove the fishy smell. You can adjust the seasoning yourself. It should be good to use halogen powder. It's useless. Pay attention to the chicken feet after the water boils. Almost start the pot, discount the rotten taste, and cool it with supercooled water for standby.

Step 3
3. Put the dried spicy seeds into the pot and fry until fragrant. Put an appropriate amount of oil into the pot and heat it evenly, so it won't be too choking. It will become brittle after cooling. Don't worry. Pound them with round tallow, don't be too broken, and take them out for standby.

Step 4
4. Mixing: put cooled chicken feet, garlic, pepper, caramel water into the basin, add soy sauce for coloring, oil consumption, delicious, wood ginger oil, sesame oil and monosodium glutamate. Cold dishes are necessary, otherwise they are tasteless. The more spicy the salt is, put some salt, ginger powder, Hu chili and spicy, put chopped or stirred millet spicy, and taste the salt taste of the soup after mixing. Be sure to have enough salt taste.

Step 5
5. Bottled and pickled for 1 day, or ready to eat. N6. The seasoning can be adjusted by yourself. It is OK to add ordinary ginger without ginger powder. It can be increased or decreased. Different tastes are different. The above is my method. You can also innovate and add your favorite spices.