Chicken feet in soy sauce, also known as marinated chicken feet, is a delicious food that Cantonese people like very much. The key point is a kind of feelings. Ha ha, it’s full of bone collagen.


Proper amount of chicken feet
Moderate amount of old style
Proper amount of oyster sauce
Proper amount of raw powder
A little white granulated sugar
A small amount of tangerine peel


Step 1
Wash the chicken feet first

Step 2
Put it in a pot and cook it for about 3 minutes. If you cook it too long, the skin will rot

Step 3
Pick up the cooked chicken feet, soak them in cold water to room temperature, and then freeze them with ice water. This important step can keep the chicken feet elastic and crisp

Step 4
After the chicken feet are cooled, cut off the nails, marinate them with cornstarch, salt and oil for a few minutes, then put them into the rice cooker, mix them with soy sauce and various seasonings, about the weight of a bowl of water, simmer them for 15 minutes, and you're done, as shown in the picture above.