Northeast pot stew


750g chicken
30g curry sauce
2G salt
Proper amount of water
15g corn oil
1 potato
Half a carrot
Half a red onion


Step 1
Wash potatoes, carrots and onions, cut into pieces and set aside

Step 2
Wash the chicken nuggets, boil the water, remove the bubbles (I didn't take photos at this step), fire, heat the oil, and stir fry the chicken nuggets for two or three minutes.

Step 3
Add green vegetables, add salt and stir fry for two minutes.

Step 4
Add water. It's better to have no food.

Step 5
After the water boils, add curry blocks and stir slowly until the curry blocks melt.

Step 6
Cook slowly over low heat for eight to ten minutes. You can try to see if the ingredients are cooked. During this period, you should always stir the curry soup and be careful to stick to the pot.

Step 7
Just soy sauce purple.