Jimi flower has always been very popular with my family. The homemade crispy Jimi flower not only tastes crisp, but also has the appearance of golden scales. Every time I make it, I choose chicken breast. The taste is very tender. When I make it for my father for the first time, the old man said happily: This is good, it can bite, and it’s delicious. The method of making this dish is very simple. With the cool 100 Chicago Steak Seasoning, strong and pure black pepper flavor, and the faint aroma of marjoram, you can make professional chicken at home even if you are a beginner.


300g chicken breast
1 egg
200 grams of bread crumbs
10g Chicago steak dressing


Step 1
Prepare the main ingredients chicken breast, cool 100 Chicago Steak Seasoning

Step 2
Prepare bread crumbs and eggs

Step 3
Diced chicken

Step 4
Add the cool 100 Chicago Steak Seasoning

Step 5
Grasp evenly, must be grasp the way to better taste

Step 6
If time permits, it's better to marinate one night in advance, but this one is delicious

Step 7
Put a spoonful of starch into the marinated chicken

Step 8
Then add the egg liquid and stir well

Step 9
Put the chicken into the crumbs, shake the container, let the chicken quickly and evenly wrap the crumbs

Step 10
The chicken was crumbled in turn

Step 11
Fry the chicken in 70% hot oil

Step 12
If the color is golden, you can put it on the plate