If you have no appetite in summer, you should eat sour and sweet meat!


Moderate pork tenderloin
Appropriate amount of starch
Right amount of onion
Proper cooking wine
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of sugar
Appropriate amount of ketchup
Appropriate amount of vinegar


Step 1
Cut pork tenderloin into small pieces, pat loose the back of the knife, put it into a bowl, add cooking wine and salt, stir well, and marinate for 5 minutes

Step 2
Wrap it in starch and pinch it into a ball

Step 3
Put edible oil into the pot. The oil temperature reaches 160 degrees. Put the meat ball coated with starch into the oil pot, fry until it changes color, remove it, cool it and set aside

Step 4
Let the meat balls cool and then pour them into the oil pan again. Fry until golden and remove

Step 5
Heat oil in a hot pot, add tomato paste, sprinkle sugar, salt and vinegar, cook until thick, pour meat balls, and wrap the sauce evenly