Sour and sweet cherry meat is really popular with small pot friends. Of course, you can also call it sweet and sour tenderloin… What a sad story.


500g ridge
Half a bowl of ketchup
Proper amount of corn starch
Appropriate amount of edible oil
2 tablespoons sugar


Step 1
Cut the tenderloin into strips.

Step 2
Mix corn starch into starch paste.

Step 3
Pour it in the ridge.

Step 4
Heat the wok and pour in an appropriate amount of edible oil (a little more)

Step 5
Heat the oil and place the tenderloin covered with starch paste.

Step 6
Deep fry over medium low heat until golden, remove and drain the excess oil for standby.

Step 7
Pour half a bowl of tomato paste, a spoonful of starch and starch juice into the frying pan, and add two spoonfuls of white granulated sugar to make it thick

Step 8
Pour in the fried tenderloin.

Step 9
The tenderloin is covered with sour and sweet tomato juice, and the delicious cherry meat is ready ~ ~ well, it's more appropriate to call it tomato meat.