The beloved pasta is also a versatile and convenient ingredient, and the GI is not high, about 875 kcal in total, 127 kcal per 100g


100g spaghetti
152 g chicken breast
100g onion
60g root celery
220g tomatoes
8g garlic
Proper Basil crumbs
20g babybel low fat cheese
34 g reduced fat up to processed cheese
Proper sesame oil
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
There are so many spaghetti. Before that, the ordinary spaghetti purchased many years ago was mixed with whole wheat. I feel that the strip-shaped whole wheat spaghetti is better than the whole wheat of ritaggoni. I don't know why it doesn't have that disgusting taste

Step 2
Chopped onions. I don't have a good knife in my dormitory, only the one that can be cut, so I can't cut them. By the way, I use the whole onion because I don't like cutting half of the ingredients

Step 3
This root celery is ugly and hard to eat. It's just because supermarkets in small cities in Germany don't have ordinary celery. Carrots can't be eaten if they are bad. So I chose to try a root celery. It has the aroma of celery, but the taste is completely noodles. It seems to be used for stewing. I just choose the vegetables that can stand stewing

Step 4
Cut up tomatoes. Emmm if you want to eat thick red sauce, it is recommended to use canned tomatoes. I think a canned tomato is too big and I don't want to use it twice. If you have to use more tomatoes than me (two tomatoes) and peel them, I don't mind eating skin I'm not going to make a thick red sauce

Step 5
Cut chicken breast. I can eat meat very well. If you can't eat it, please reduce it by yourself. It's quite a lot, but I personally feel that white meat tastes lighter and white sauce is better. Red meat has a bloody smell (I like it) and red sauce is better

Step 6
Garlic, please cut it up. Don't learn from me / cover your face

Step 7
Sprinkle salt in the water to add some oil and pasta. In fact, you can choose not to add oil. However, it is said that olive oil should be used because it is delicious. However, I only have sesame oil, because I seldom eat oil. I eat fat from animal dairy products and nuts. I don't know that I can use up the oil in hundreds of years. When it's cooked and taken out to dry, sprinkle some oil. Just a little. It won't stick if you don't sprinkle it, but you can't eat too little oil, which will lead to too much for others

Step 8
In another rice cooker, fry the onion root celery, mash the tomato, add some boiling water and simmer for a while, and then add basil (very important) Cook with salt. I lost some babybel cheese and added some milk (no)

Step 9
Throw in the chicken breast and cook it (if it doesn't taste, please row some salt on the chicken breast)

Step 10
Throw the cooked side into it and mix well, or choose to pour it on the pasta, because there is not much soup. I think the former is better and more delicious

Step 11
Cheng can eat it when he comes out

Step 12
Throw two pieces of Gouda and let him melt it. After melting for a long time, it will melt into the sauce, and there will be a milk flavor like white sauce. You can also choose to melt it slightly, so that the milk flavor will be very strong (I think it will be a little greasy if it is too strong). Babybel cheese has no milk flavor. If you want to wire it, you can choose, But looking back on the feeling of masurila and chewing gum, I still prefer Gouda's 0w0