This home-made dish called “characteristic brewed balsam pear” is well-known in Cenxi City, Guangxi. It can be said that every family can make this dish. At the beginning of the fourth month of the lunar calendar every year, every household makes this dish to eat. I don’t know what it means to cook this dish in this festival. Although the appearance is not very good-looking, but the taste is quite good, like to eat bitter gourd friends can try to do this home dish to try. It seems that I haven’t seen this dish in the dining room outside


500g balsam pear
250 grams of pork
2 parsley
3 scallions
1 liang Perilla (fresh)
3 dried mushrooms
Spare cornmeal
Spare salt
Spare peanut oil
Spare five spice powder


Step 1
Dry Lentinus edodes should be boiled with water first, and then all the materials to be used should be cleaned for standby

Step 2
Wash the balsam pear, cut it into 5 to 6 cm long pieces, and then dig out the heart

Step 3
Core digging process

Step 4
Heart all dug out, bitter gourd at both ends of the section can not be dug through

Step 5
Peel the pork (when you buy it, you'd better ask for help to remove the pigskin). Wash the pork, cut it first, then dice it, and then chop the mushrooms, scallions, coriander and perilla

Step 6
Then mix all the minced fillings together, and sprinkle with salt, five spice powder and raw powder; It doesn't matter if you can sprinkle more raw powder. More raw powder can increase the stickiness of the filling

Step 7
The finished stuffing is chopped like this

Step 8
Then put it into the bitter gourd

Step 9
Dry the water in the pot, then add peanut oil (if you don't dry the water first, put the oil into the pot, the oil will rush to the body, and the soup will bubble), heat the oil, and then pour in the brewed balsam pear to stir fry

Step 10
Then sprinkle with some salt and stir fry

Step 11
Stir fry the bitter gourd until the surface changes color. Add water and simmer until it is covered. Stir fry the bitter gourd for about 3 minutes, otherwise it will paste the bottom of the pot. Then continue to cover and simmer until it can be completely punctured with chopsticks. Finally, you can add some soy sauce and oyster sauce to stir fry to increase the flavor. In this way, the "special balsam pear wine" is ready