Xiaochao Huang is an interesting dish in Guangdong. Chaozhou and Shunde are famous, and the way of frying is slightly different. However, what they have in common is that all ingredients can be used. It is very broad and flexible. The fried color is bright, very appetizing, and the taste is generally salty and fresh.


100g pork
60g squid
50g jellyfish skin
50g mung bean sprouts
50g winter bamboo shoots
50g leek yellow
10g persimmon pepper
10g red pepper
Half egg white


Step 1
Prepare the necessary ingredients. The skin of the fresh squid needs to be torn off, otherwise the taste is tough

Step 2
Cut pork, jellyfish skin and squid into filaments of the same thickness. If jellyfish is cut a little thicker, it shrinks as soon as it passes the water

Step 3
Use starch and egg white paste for shredded meat, and water a little for some meat

Step 4
Shred green and red peppers, remove both ends of bean sprouts, shred winter bamboo shoots and cut leek into sections. These should be the same length

Step 5
Blanch the vegetables, put them in when the water is boiling, and they can come out in 20 seconds; Then blanch the three kinds of meat. If the effect is good, the shredded meat is best greased

Step 6
Mix a juice with salt, oyster sauce, sugar and starch, put a little oil in the pot, put down the shallot and garlic, and then put down all the raw materials. The fire is always on the maximum, fry a few times, put the adjusted juice, and stir well as soon as possible out of the pot