Oyster brand is also a classic Chaoshan dish. It is well known in Chaoshan area and represents the taste of hometown. Of course, the seasoning and method of frying are slightly different in each family. You can also add tofu fish, thin shells, shrimp and so on.


2 bowls of sweet potato powder
2 bowls (more) of water
300g oysters
A handful of scallions
1 or 2 eggs
A little refined salt
Appropriate amount of fish sauce
Proper amount of white pepper
How many parsley


Step 1
Wash the fresh oysters with clean water and set aside.

Step 2
Add water, salt, sweet potato powder and scallion, beat in eggs and mix well to make all fresh oysters penetrate into the powder (don't put too many eggs, this amount is not greasy). Scallions are more fragrant. You can also add a little fish sauce and pepper.

Step 3
First heat the pot (preferably non stick pan) with high heat to enough heat, so as to ensure that the oyster is not stick to the pot and crisp. Add oil (hot lard is more fragrant). Pour the mixed fresh oyster paste into the pot while stirring (several times), and evenly spread the pan.

Step 4
Fry until crispy on the top and bottom, in cash yellow, put it on a plate, add coriander leaves (coriander), and serve with fish sauce and pepper.