In terms of cuisine, Chengdu cuisine has a long history and rich varieties. Sichuan cuisine is famous all over the world and is one of the four traditional cuisines with Chinese characteristics. Spicy food in Chengdu – rich in layers, not simple! There are soup pot and dry pot. What I made today is one of the most distinctive spicy pot of Sichuan cuisine!


300g streaky pork
350g potatoes
200g lotus root
100g Pleurotus eryngii
100g celery
Half a red pepper
20G scallion
20G ginger
20G dried pepper
5g pepper
5g raw soy sauce
20G hot pot ingredients
10g spices
6G salt
5g cooking wine (or yellow wine Baijiu)
20G corn oil
70g rapeseed oil
10g coriander
10g chives


Step 1
Heat the pot slightly and put 20g bottom oil

Step 2
When the oil temperature is 40% hot, put the streaky pork (go to buy vegetables in the afternoon, there is really no better streaky pork in the vegetable market), stir fry until it is burnt yellow, force out half of the fat oil in the streaky pork, and put it out for standby

Step 3
Fried oil from streaky pork ➕ Heat 70g rapeseed oil

Step 4
The oil temperature is 70% hot. The hot pot is made of green onion, ginger, pepper and pepper (I cut it with scissors) spices (usually the spices of pickled vegetables are OK. I put fragrant leaves, cinnamon, ginger, grass and fruit, star anise white paper and two other kinds I don't know)

Step 5
After the hot pot ingredients are fried and boiled, all the ingredients are fried and the flavor can be put into the spare streaky pork

Step 6
Stir fry for about one minute, add the chopped Pleurotus eryngii, and stir fry until the Pleurotus eryngii wilts slightly

Step 7
Put in the cut potato chips and lotus root slices (after the lotus root slices are cut, use water) ➕ Soak in a few drops of lemon juice for 2 minutes to prevent oxidation and blackening of lotus root slices)

Step 8
Medium heat or large pot for 15-20 minutes (about medium fire or fire, according to the situation of your own pot, I can use the stone pot without fire to stir fry, as long as the moisture in the dish evaporated in time), the degree of breaking potatoes when shovel is touched, and then pour into 5g yellow wine (cooking wine or Baijiu), stir fry for 1 minutes.

Step 9
Add 8g salt (the amount of salt can be increased or decreased according to your taste) and stir fry celery and red pepper for half a minute

Step 10
After turning off the fire, put in the chopped chives and coriander. Mix well and then you can come out of the pot.

Step 11
The super large spicy pot is ready. The amount I make is probably suitable for 3-4 people. The taste is absolutely pasteurized.