Cat ear surface


200g flour
1 ketchup
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
Proper blending oil
Proper amount of pepper
Appropriate amount of sesame oil


Step 1
Add the flour to the egg white, water and to form a slightly hard dough. Cook for 10 minutes.

Step 2
Roll into a back piece.

Step 3
Cut into wide strips with a knife.

Step 4
Twist each strip into a round strip.

Step 5

Step 6
Rub each Ding with your thumb.

Step 7
It's in the shape of a cat's ear.

Step 8
All twisted into cat's ears.

Step 9
Peel and slice tomatoes.

Step 10
Heat the pot with a little oil, stir fry the chopped green onion, and stir fry the tomatoes.

Step 11
Add proper amount of water to boil, add cat ear noodles to cook, add salt and pepper to taste, and pour egg yolk.

Step 12
Add monosodium glutamate and sesame oil out of the pot.