Is it difficult to control the heat when making pot rice with casserole? Using electric rice cooker is more convenient and easier to succeed.


8 Cantonese sausages
300g rice
5 tablespoons fresh June soy sauce
2 tablespoons sugar
A little sesame oil
70 ml purified water
A little shredded ginger
5 canola


Step 1
Prepare materials and want to make delicious casserole rice. It is very important in the choice of food materials. Guangwei sausage is the highlight of cooking rice. You can buy Guangzhou restaurant brand.

Step 2
Apply a layer of oil on the inner surface of the electric rice cooker. Black bile spherical kettle, heavy material.

Step 3
This electric rice cooker has a large capacity and can hold 8 cups of 150g rice. Wash the rice in advance and pour out the rice washing water on the first side. Then pour in water, from the meter plane to the horizontal plane, the height is half of the first joint of the index finger. Don't have too much water. The taste of boiled rice is to be hard and clear.

Step 4
Touch buttons on the computer control panel support rice varieties and a variety of cooking methods, including the function of cooking rice. Select the exclusive rice cooker function, connect the power supply and directly select it (as shown in the red in the figure), and then you can start making.

Step 5
Sliced sausage, the thinner the better.

Step 6
Wash the rape and remove the tail.

Step 7
Put water in the pot and bring to a boil. Add a small spoon of salt. This can keep the rape green after blanching.

Step 8
Blanch the rape, take it out with chopsticks and put it aside for standby.

Step 9
Take advantage of this sauce. Stir shredded ginger, soy sauce, salt, sugar, sesame oil and cold boiled water (or purified water) together.

Step 10
The rice is steamed. The electric rice cooker will automatically make a drip sound. The spherical kettle is equipped with a temperature detector to simulate the cooking process of firewood and rice. The rice is very delicious.

Step 11
Stack the cut sausage slices on the rice while it is hot.

Step 12
Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Let the sausage taste fully integrate into the rice.

Step 13
Open the lid and pour in the sauce.

Step 14
Stir well with a spoon and you can eat.