I like casserole very much, because the nutrition is very balanced, but I don’t like the hard Guoba very much, so I innovate to make a casserole suitable for myself and my family


Half a cup of rice
Two handfuls of corn dregs
Right amount of bacon
Right amount of Chinese Cabbage
Proper amount of Lentinus edodes
Half a carrot
An onion
4 garlic cloves


Step 1
Peel the carrots, wash them with cabbage and onion, and then soak them for a while

Step 2
Take the bacon slices out of the refrigerator to thaw

Step 3
Take out a bowl of leftover rice and Pearl Yuanzi from the refrigerator

Step 4
In the cooking pot, enlarge half a cup of rice and 2 handfuls of corn dregs and clean them

Step 5
Chop onion and garlic

Step 6
Mushrooms soak ahead of time

Step 7
Prepare seasoning (oyster sauce, soy sauce, chicken essence, salt, pepper, water), stir well and set aside

Step 8
Pour the water into the cooker and cook normally

Step 9
I forgot to follow this step of cooking. (after the pan is hot, I fry 2 pieces of bacon, and then give more oil. I fry the meat first, then the carrot, then the onion, and finally the cabbage. When they are all soft, I pour the juice in step 7 into the pan. I think it's a little dry. I add some water and fry it well, and then I put it out.)

Step 10
Wait until the rice is boiling

Step 11
Pour the bowl of rice, bacon and Pearl Yuanzi into the rice cooker

Step 12
When the meal is ready, pour all the fried dishes into the electric cooker until the cooking is finished

Step 13
Stir the food, the cabbage stew time is long, all turned yellow, rice water is also a little more, but I personally like to eat