Casserole porridge is a famous dish in Guangdong Province.


Half a chicken
A kilo of shrimp
A cup of rice
3 parsley
A teaspoon of oil
A spoonful of salt
A spoonful of soy sauce


Step 1
First pot porridge, how many people eat rice according to the situation, wash it clean and put it in pot, porridge is easy to stick to the bottom, so pay attention to stir it when you cook.

Step 2
Choose sweet, crisp and golden dried radish, chop the dried radish, put it into the porridge and cook it together.

Step 3
Wash the shrimp, cut off the head, cut off the middle, pick out the black line, put oil, salt and soy sauce, and pour it into the porridge( You can ignore the troublesome black line, and you can cut both sides of the shrimp if you like.)

Step 4
Wash the chicken, cut it into small pieces, put oil, salt and soy sauce together, put them into the porridge and cook them together.

Step 5
Coriander and other porridge pot, put salt to adjust the taste, then put coriander, a flip can be out of the pot.