In the city where I live, after the “motorcycle ban”, the streets are full of Locomotives (motorcycles), because in addition to speed, what is more important is its environmental protection performance. So when I know that I have entered the semi-finals, my first idea is to make a bread locomotive. Since it is a locomotive, it must need three-dimensional, flat locomotive bread can not show its charm and temperament. Bread and butter can’t be made because it’s too soft. Therefore, in selecting flour materials, I give priority to European bread, that is, rye bread. Rye bread is used to make hard bread, especially shaping, which has great advantages. And the taste is also very special, and the nutritional value is rich.


605g high gluten flour
50g rye flour
1 carrot
4 crispy sausage
A little honey red beans
53g butter
25g white granulated sugar
10g salt
5g milk powder
225ml carrot juice
5g yeast


Step 1
Cut the carrot into pieces and put it into a mixing cup

Step 2
After the cut carrot pieces are put into the mixing cup, add water in the mixing cup (the proportion of water is half that of carrots), and press the start button to make carrot juice

Step 3
Pour the mixed carrot juice into the screen, filter the carrot juice, separate the juice, press and filter with a small spoon, and the carrot juice will be fully filtered. The amount of filtered carrot juice is good, 210 ml

Step 4
Mix 280g high gluten flour, 2.5G rye flour, 2.5G yeast, 28g butter (softened at room temperature and cut into small pieces), 5g salt, white granulated sugar and filtered carrot juice into the cook's machine

Step 5
After all the materials are put into the cook's machine, knead them at low speed in gear 1 for about 1 minute, so that all the materials can be mixed slowly, and then adjust them to gear 2 for about 10 minutes. Finally transferred to 3 stalls, medium speed knead noodles, about 25-35 minutes, on the way to knead noodles, need to suspend the machine, check the net structure of gluten, if the formation of thick and rough membrane, can be fermented.

Step 6
Knead the dough, put it on the chopping board and wake up for 20 minutes

Step 7
After 20 minutes, wake up the dough

Step 8
Take an appropriate amount of dough, shape the dough, wake up after making it, The time is about 60 minutes [because we need to make three-dimensional bread, we need other tools to assist in modeling, otherwise we can't make three-dimensional bread, about Locomotives (motorcycles) All parts of the are made entirely by relying on their own imagination and the general appearance of the locomotive they usually see in the street. There is no drawing. The weight of each part is roughly kneaded without specific weight. The lamp in the middle of the horizontal handle and the honey red beans]

Step 9
Because there are still a lot of kneaded rye dough except for making locomotives, so I used it to make ugly cute Octopus rye bread. Divide the remaining dough into 40g each

Step 10
After all the dough is divided, knead each small dough into a small circle, similar to a round ball

Step 11
After kneading the dough, we began to make the legs of ugly cute octopus. Cut the crispy sausage (black pepper flavor) in half, and then cut it from top to bottom for 4 knives from the section where the crispy sausage is pierced, but the bottom must not be cut. Cut it into 4 to, which is just the eight legs of octopus

Step 12
Put the previously kneaded rye dough into the baking pan, insert the cut crispy sausage (Octopus legs) into the lower end of the rye dough, and then push each Octopus leg away slightly

Step 13
After the legs of ugly cute octopus are finished, use honey red beans to decorate the eyes of each octopus, that is, press two honey red beans into the dough (PS: there is a crab like one next to it, because there is just a little dough left in the ugly cute Octopus according to the weight. In order not to waste, we made it at will)

Step 14
During the period of making ugly cute Octopus rye bread, the fermentation of the previously prepared locomotive bread was also over. Preheat the oven at 220 ℃ for 5 minutes, put the carrot rye bread into the oven, heat it up and down at 200 ℃, and bake it for 10-15 minutes

Step 15
The baked locomotive bread comes out of the oven

Step 16
After the locomotive bread is cooled, it starts to assemble the locomotive bread. This assembly does not bring any tools or items. It is all assembled by the bolt of the bread itself. A. first dig out half of the bottom of the front wheel cover of the locomotive and half of the bottom of the rear seat package. Insert two wheels. B. the handle of the locomotive is installed, Take a small piece of bread obtained before, completely dry it, cut a small part out, insert it into the middle of the front and body, and connect it. C. finally sprinkle powdered sugar on the locomotive for decoration

Step 17
After the carrot rye locomotive bread is made, the ugly cute Octopus rye bread has also been fermented. It is still preheated in oven 220 for 5 minutes. After it is placed in the oven, adjust the temperature to 200 degrees and bake for 10-15 minutes

Step 18
Finally, this is carrot toast, which is made from the residual juice and carrot residue from carrot juice extraction. The production process is very simple. Put all the high gluten powder, butter, white granulated sugar, yeast, salt, milk powder and carrot juice into the chef's machine, first stir evenly, then knead the noodles, knead the film for 30-40 minutes, and wake up for 20 minutes, After shaping, put it into the toast mold and continue the fermentation. The fermentation time is 60-70 minutes, the oven temperature is 200 degrees, and bake for 10-15 minutes

Step 19
All done