Fried carrot balls with meat and vegetables and a balanced diet are a dish suitable for all ages. The meatballs are scorched outside and tender inside. They not only have the fragrance of carrots, but also have a faint smell of meat. Very delicious. It has the health preservation effects of anti-cancer, anti-cancer, enhancing immunity, assisting in reducing blood lipid, assisting in reducing blood pressure, protecting liver, assisting in reducing blood sugar, brightening eyes and so on.


1 carrot
300g lean and fat meat filling
3 shallots
200g tofu
1 ginger
3 parsley
5g salt
5ml oyster sauce
5ml raw extract
2G pepper powder
2G thirteen incense
1 egg
A little white pepper
20G corn starch
1000g fried meatball oil


Step 1
Put the fat and lean meat stuffing into the basin.

Step 2
Prepare half a piece of tofu.

Step 3
Prepare shallots, ginger, coriander and carrots.

Step 4
The carrot is forked into filaments.

Step 5
Grab the shredded carrot, squeeze out the water from the carrot and put it into the basin.

Step 6
Put the chopped green onion, ginger and coriander into the basin.

Step 7
Dice the tofu and put it into a basin.

Step 8
Add salt, oil consumption, raw soy sauce, pepper powder, thirteen spices, white pepper powder, eggs and corn starch.

Step 9
Put on disposable gloves and mix the filling evenly.

Step 10
Group the meat into small balls.

Step 11
Pour oil into the pot, heat it to 50% hot, and put the balls into the pot one by one.

Step 12
Deep fry the balls over medium heat until golden yellow. Pour oil and remove them in about 4-5 minutes.

Step 13
Put the fried balls on the oil paper to absorb oil.

Step 14
Golden carrot balls are on the table. It's been a second.