Egg cakes are one of the most popular Kwai staple foods for breakfast, and they should be on the dining table. The reason why egg cake is deeply loved by everyone is that, on the one hand, it requires less ingredients, simple operation and fast speed in the production process; On the other hand, you can mix whatever you want according to your own or your family’s taste. Everyone can do it, but everyone’s taste is completely different. I usually like to mix egg cakes at will. I put whatever ingredients are in the fridge.


2 eggs
1 / 3 lotus roots
1 carrot
About 50g flour
1 coriander
A little salt
A few drops of edible oil


Step 1
Prepare the required ingredients, peel the carrots and lotus roots respectively and clean them, and clean the coriander after removing the roots and yellow leaves;

Step 2
Knock the eggs into a large bowl and stir them into a uniform egg liquid with chopsticks or a manual egg beater;

Step 3
Dice the carrot and lotus root respectively, put the cut lotus root in the filter screen, rinse off the starch on the surface with clean water and drain the water;

Step 4
Put diced carrot and diced lotus root into egg liquid;

Step 5
Add an appropriate amount of salt and stir with chopsticks;

Step 6
Add a little flour to the carrot lotus root egg paste by times;

Step 7
Mix evenly with chopsticks. It is recommended not to pour all the flour at one time. During the mixing process, adjust the dosage according to the dry and wet state of the batter, and add it again after mixing evenly each time;

Step 8
Stir well, then add chopped coriander and mix well;

Step 9
Fire the gas stove, drop a few drops of edible oil into the pot, and smear it evenly with a spatula;

Step 10
Spoon the batter into the pot and spread it into a small cake shape. Fry it slowly over low heat;

Step 11
Cover the pan and fry over low heat for about 30 seconds. This step can also be omitted. Covering the pan can shorten the frying time and cook the cake faster;

Step 12
Open the lid of the pot, turn the cake over with a spatula and continue to fry until both sides of the golden pot;