My father’s pig was killed without meat during the epidemic. When I came back, my mother brought me a super large piece. The big bone in the middle was used to make soup today. Corn and carrots were added. The soup was sweet and super delicious


A big bone
A corn
A carrot
Proper amount of dried yam


Step 1
Wash the big bones with water

Step 2
Put it into the stew and add some hot water

Step 3
Wash yam and soak in water

Step 4
Add yam after the soup is boiled

Step 5
Stir it with a spoon. Dried yams don't stew easily

Step 6
Add corn and carrots

Step 7
After the corn is cooked, add two spoonfuls of salt. The stew pot must be simmered slowly over a low fire to taste better. I used the old fire soup function and stewed for 5 hours