There is a baby at home. She always needs to spend time for her three meals a day. She should not only like to eat, but also chew and digest, but also have good nutrition. Carrots, fungus, tenderloin, meat and vegetable mix, rich nutrition, good taste, and steaming can fully preserve the nutrition of food. I will always strive for the health of my baby!


100g tenderloin
50g carrot
50g fungus (water hair)
2G cooking wine
2G soy sauce
1g salt


Step 1
Soak the fungus in warm water.

Step 2
Wash the soaked fungus and remove the head.

Step 3
Chop the fungus into small pieces and put them into a bowl.

Step 4
Cut the carrot into small pieces and add it to the fungus.

Step 5
Chopped tenderloin, add carrot and fungus, and mix in cooking wine, soy sauce and salt.

Step 6
Stir all the ingredients clockwise with chopsticks. If the salt particles are large, you can stir it for a while.

Step 7
Use your hand to shape it slightly, make it into meatballs, and discharge them into the plate.

Step 8
Boil water in the pot, heat it, put it on the plate, cover and steam for about 15 minutes.

Step 9
Finished products.