In the winter storage season in the north, my father bought me 2 bags of carrots and changed all kinds of eating methods. I fried three dices, made dumplings and made meat segments. Today, I fried balls with it, soft inside and scorched outside. It’s especially delicious and nutritious. My husband went out to climb the mountain to relax. When he came back at noon, he could eat vegetarian fried balls. This is how we get something to eat at will at the weekend. In the evening, when my parents come, he walks around and is responsible for buying vegetables. In the evening, he helps the kitchen. We have dinner. The whole family is happy. Such a day is plain, warm and happy.


3 carrots
2 eggs
150g flour
Half teaspoon five spice powder
5g scallion
1g ginger
Half teaspoon salt
Half teaspoon chicken essence
500g vegetable oil


Step 1
Wash and peel carrots

Step 2
Rub into thin filaments

Step 3
Chopped shallots and ginger

Step 4
Break up the eggs and put them into shredded carrots

Step 5
Add chopped green onion, ginger, five spice powder, salt and chicken essence and mix well

Step 6
Add flour and mix well

Step 7
Make a paste

Step 8
Use your hand and spoon, hold it with your left hand and scoop it with your right hand to make balls (or put it directly into the pot without making it first)

Step 9
Heat the oil in the pot

Step 10
Deep fry balls until golden

Step 11
Oil control fishing out