Barbecued pork bun is one of the representative traditional Xiguan famous spots in Guangdong


350g medium powder
5g yeast
60g sugar
200g pure milk
25g corn oil
250g Shunnan pork stuffing


Step 1
1. Add all the main ingredients into the barrel of the toaster

Step 2
2. The toaster runs the "dough" program and selects 20 minutes

Step 3
3. After the procedure, take out the dough, knead it by hand for 10 minutes (add hand powder), and knead the dough until the surface is smooth

Step 4
4. Twist the dough into a round strip

Step 5
5. Divided into 12 doses

Step 6
6. Take a dose and roll it into a circle with thick middle and thin edge

Step 7
7. Add barbecue stuffing to the dough

Step 8
8. Just close the mouth

Step 9
9. You can also close it like this

Step 10
10. Code it into the baking tray, cover it with plastic wrap and let it stand at room temperature for 20 minutes (room temperature 34 ℃), which is the only fermentation in the whole production process

Step 11
11. After standing, the volume increases slightly

Step 12
12. Place in the middle of the steaming oven and steam for 12 minutes

Step 13
13. Cool for 3 minutes before discharging

Step 14
14. Eat while it's hot

Step 15
finished product