Cantonese specialties ~ Braised Chicken Gizzard with ginger in casserole


400g (about 10) chicken gizzards
Appropriate amount of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon column sauce
3 slices of ginger
50g Shajiang
Half an onion
1 red onion
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
The difference between Shajiang and ginger

Step 2
The chicken gizzard bought back is gently scraped with a knife to scrape off all the yellow chicken gold around the chicken gizzard

Step 3
After scraping, grab the salt hard ~ the purpose is to wash the chicken gizzards... And then rinse them with clean water~

Step 4
Cut the chicken gizzard vertically on both sides

Step 5
Then cut horizontally... About 5 knives.

Step 6
The last cut is like this... Spare

Step 7
Shajiang + ginger cooking machine can be broken or chopped

Step 8
Put the oil in the hot pot, add ginger, Shajiang not, and saute the red onion until fragrant

Step 9
Pour in chicken gizzards and stir fry

Step 10
1 tablespoon of Zhuhou sauce, half a tablespoon of oyster sauce, stir with half a bowl of water, pour it into the pot and stir fry again

Step 11
Cover the pot and simmer for 2 ~ 3 minutes~

Step 12
Open the lid and put in the onion

Step 13
Stir fry, cover and simmer for 2 minutes, and put an appropriate amount of salt~

Step 14

Step 15
This is ginger + galangal... Add salt and fish chicken powder evenly

Step 16
Heat peanut oil and pour into ginger

Step 17
Turn it into a dish of delicious ginger paste, which can be used to order white cut chicken and salted chicken~