My family all like to eat casserole rice, especially Cantonese bacon casserole rice. In order to be able to eat the rest assured sausage, I made some by myself, with less seasoning and lighter taste, so as to make the delicious casserole rice. Because I have a child, I will cut the vegetables smaller, convenient for her to eat, adults do not have to cut so small.


Half a bowl of fragrant rice
2 sausages
Half bowl of diced vegetables
3 mushrooms
Proper amount of edible oil
A spoonful of soy sauce
A little soy sauce
A little sugar
A spoonful of cold water
A little salt


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients.

Step 2
Brush the casserole with cooking oil.

Step 3
Wash the fragrant rice and pour it into a casserole. Add 2 cm high bubble for 15 minutes. I think Thai fragrant rice is the best way to make casserole rice, and it is easy to cook. If you control the time and the heat, the bottom of casserole will form a layer of Guoba, which is very fragrant.

Step 4
Dice mushrooms and sausages.

Step 5
Put in the soaked fragrant rice and steam over high heat.

Step 6
Make a bowl of sauce: soy sauce, soy sauce, cold boiled, sugar, salt mixed with standby.

Step 7
When boiling for five minutes, pour a circle of cooking oil along the edge of the pan to prevent the bottom from sticking. When boiling for ten minutes, pour the sauce evenly on the fragrant rice, cook for another five minutes and turn off the heat.

Step 8
Don't cover and simmer for ten minutes after turning off the heat.

Step 9
Mix well and serve.