On the afternoon of the rest day, enjoy delicious food and time with your friends.


Half bag of Chengfen
400g shrimp
1 carrot
100g pork stuffing
A little lard
A little olive oil
A little soy sauce
A little bean curd with soy sauce
A little salt
50g yaozhu
20 g pepper
A little ginger
A little cooking wine


Step 1
Add a little lard to the Chengfen. Mix it with hot water and set it aside. Wrap it in plastic wrap.

Step 2
If you want to eat delicious, use fresh shrimp to shell and shrimp line

Step 3
Shrimp, Yao Zhu mince stuffing, carrots mince enough, add pork stuffing, soak pepper in boiling water for 5 minutes, pour pepper water into stuffing, pour a little cooking wine, a little soy sauce, soy sauce must be less, add a quarter of soy bean curd, stir, according to a direction has been stirring evenly without excess water. If you like, you can add some horseshoes, it will be more crisp.

Step 4
Chengfen had better not use chopping board to stick, spread it on the table with plastic wrap, skin it with rolling pin and olive oil, and then wrap it into steamed dumplings.

Step 5
Chengfen is easy to be cooked. Boil the water in the steamer first, and then put the shrimp dumplings into the pot. The fire lasts for 1 minute to 1.5 minutes.