Barbecued pork is a classic Cantonese style roast meat, which is charred on the outside and tender in the inside, full of aroma, especially delicious. Barbecued pork is one of the most representative Cantonese dishes. Barbecued pork is a kind of barbecued meat. It refers to the cooked meat products of pork and poultry which are qualified by veterinary inspection, added with soy sauce, salt, sugar, wine and other seasonings, salted, inserted on a special fork, and barbecued by electricity or charcoal. It is a kind of Guangdong barbecued meat. Mostly red, made of lean meat, slightly sweet. It is to hang the pickled lean pork on a special fork and put it into the oven for barbecue. Good barbecued pork should be soft, tender and juicy, with bright color and fragrance. Among them, the balance of fat and lean meat is the best, which is called “semi fat and lean”.


400g pork
5 garlic cloves
3 purple scallions
10g scallion
20G ginger
10 ml Congjiang cooking wine
25 ml soy sauce
1 / 4 tsp Monascus powder
5 ml of soy sauce
10 ml oyster sauce
150 g maltose


Step 1
Get the materials ready

Step 2
Streaky pork peeled

Step 3
Slice the garlic and scallions and loosen them with the back of a knife

Step 4
Add red koji powder to pork and stir well

Step 5
Then add all the seasonings

Step 6
Catch all

Step 7
Then prepare the plastic wrap, put the pork into the plastic wrap, and then refrigerate for 24 hours

Step 8
Take it out and put it on the grid. Put oil paper in the baking pan

Step 9
After the oven is preheated at 220 ℃, put it in the middle of the oven and bake for 25 minutes

Step 10
Take it out in the middle and turn it over

Step 11
Then put it in the oven

Step 12
Take out the surface and brush with maltose

Step 13
Bake at 250 ℃ for 5 minutes

Step 14
Take out and brush with maltose to enjoy

Step 15
Out of the oven

Step 16
Cut into pieces

Step 17
Close up

Step 18
Look again

Step 19
Isn't that good