It can be said that barbecued pork is a popular dish among Cantonese. There are many ways to eat it. You can eat it directly, cook rice, put it into noodles, and even make some stuffing in your heart, such as barbecued pork bun, barbecued pork crisp, etc.


750g pork neck
150g Li Jin Ji barbecue sauce
40g soy sauce
2G salt
15g red granulated sugar
20G honey


Step 1
Wash and drain the pork neck;

Step 2
Then add all kinds of seasonings except honey;

Step 3
Marinate a day and a night, during which the meat should be turned over several times, so that all parts of the meat are fully marinated in place;

Step 4
Put the pickled raw meat into the non stick baking pan (pour the juice together), preheat the oven, if not, add tin foil to the bottom;

Step 5
Couss E3 oven, press the one button barbecue function, set the time for 30 minutes, because the pork neck is thinner, the temperature is 200 degrees, if the pork is thicker, the temperature is 230 degrees;

Step 6
In the last 10 minutes, take out the barbecue, brush the honey on the barbecue, put it in the oven again, and finish the rest of the time;

Step 7
Finally, slice into slices until warm.