Every year around the winter solstice is the season for drying cured meat in Guangdong. In this season, the temperature is low, the weather is dry, and the north wind blows. At this time, the dried cured meat will not be motheaten, will not be wet, and will dry fast. Generally, in this season, when you look around, you can see cured meat hanging on the balconies of every household. I am no exception. I took advantage of the good weather to dry some cured meat.


7500g pork leg
400g sugar
400g raw soy sauce
400 grams of Baijiu
80g old style
400g salt


Step 1
When buying pork, you can let the seller cut it into thin strips, open a hole in the rope, then wash it and dry it

Step 2
Pour high Baijiu

Step 3
Add sugar

Step 4
Mix well and marinate for half a day. Turn it several times

Step 5
Prepare raw soy sauce, old soy sauce and salt

Step 6
Add the material from step 5

Step 7
Mix well and marinate for 24 hours to 48 hours. Turn the meat several times to make it taste well

Step 8
Finally, put the pickled pork through the rope and hang it up. Sun it in a sunny and ventilated place until the meat is dry and the oil is released