Dragon Boat Festival, eat zongzi. Cantonese cured rice dumpling is a kind of traditional salty and fragrant glutinous rice dumpling in Guangdong. The fragrant rice dumpling leaves, wrapped with glutinous rice, bacon, sausage, soft glutinous sticky incense, boil for three hours, let glutinous rice soft, bite off, full of fragrance.


1000 grams of glutinous rice
200g Bacon
200g sausage
2 g edible alkali
3 ml peanut oil
2 g salt
Appropriate amount of Zongye
Moderate Bodhi


Step 1
Wash and soak glutinous rice for 8 hours in advance;

Step 2
Take out the glutinous rice, drain the water, add the edible alkali and mix;

Step 3
When the color of glutinous rice turns yellow, add salt and oil;

Step 4
Wash and slice the bacon and sausage respectively;

Step 5
The cleaned rice dumpling leaves are folded into funnel shape, but can not be leaked;

Step 6
Put in the glutinous rice, put in the sausage, sausage, wrapped into their favorite shape,;

Step 7
This is a good package of rice dumplings, with food scissors, cut off the redundant leaves rope;

Step 8
Appropriate amount of water boiling, into the dumplings, water to soak dumplings, small fire boil 3 hours.