I like the box filled with leek best. Today I tried to put some cantaloupes, which tastes good


300g horned melon
150g leek
200g pork
300g flour
20G oil
3 g salt
A spoonful of raw soy sauce


Step 1
Let the dough and be soft. Wake up for a while

Step 2
Put pork in oil, salt, spiced powder, cooking wine and stir well

Step 3
Peel and wash cantaloupe

Step 4
Chop and squeeze dry

Step 5
Wash leeks and cut into fine pieces

Step 6
Stir the chopped leek and cantaloupe into the pork stuffing

Step 7
Divide the dough into small agents and roll the skin

Step 8
Wrap it in a box to make lace

Step 9
Put an appropriate amount of oil into the hot pot and cook it