Autumn and winter in Guangdong is also a baby face. It changes as soon as it changes. Suddenly, it’s like a night of autumn wind. Put on your autumn clothes and trousers to relieve the cold. The autumn wind carries the autumn rain. After the cold dew, you want to stay at home. You don’t want to touch the ice cold food. The weather is very dry. The autumn wind is ten minutes dry. At this time, cook a bowl of canned sugar water pear and drink it while it’s hot, Often drink a bowl of canned sugar pear, you can moisten the whole autumn and winter.


1 pear
Right amount of rock sugar


Step 1
The materials are ready. A set of knives and a pear. Proper amount of rock sugar (not photographed.)

Step 2
This time, two tools are used to peel and core pears.

Step 3
Peel the pear with a peeler.

Step 4
The whole skin is peeled clean.

Step 5
Split the pear in two with a fruit knife

Step 6
Remove the pear core.

Step 7
Cut the pear into small pieces you want.

Step 8
Put a casserole on the stove, add the right amount of water, I added about 3.5 bowls of water. Bring to a boil and add the pears.

Step 9
Add the pears and bring to a boil. Turn the medium heat to keep the pot slightly boiling.

Step 10
Cook until the pear turns from white to transparent, then add rock sugar. Keep it in a slight boiling state (the water doesn't overflow in my pot)

Step 11
When the rock sugar melts, taste the sweetness, add a small amount of wolfberry and turn off the fire.

Step 12
When you eat it, you should have all kinds of color and fragrance. Then add some wolfberry to decorate it.