It’s the season of yellow peaches. When you see that everyone is busy canning yellow peaches, your heart itches and your hands itch. However, it’s rare to see yellow peaches in Guangdong. I just heard from a friend that it’s 23 yuan a catty of yellow peaches. It’s really a luxury to use them for canning. Although there is no yellow peach, but to a nectarine canned solution greedy. It’s no worse than canned yellow peach


1000g nectarine
100g rock sugar
Half a lemon


Step 1
Wash nectarine, peel and core

Step 2
Put rock sugar at the bottom of the basin and spread nectarines on it without adding water. Steam for 25 minutes, the peach will come out naturally

Step 3
After cooking, put it into the sterilized bottle while it is hot, and then turn it upside down to form a vacuum state

Step 4
After cooling, put it in the refrigerator and eat it. Because there are no additives, so we still need to eat as soon as possible