Girls who love beauty should pay attention to replenishing water. Of course, the usual care should replenish water for the skin, but it’s only superficial. If you want to go from inside to outside, you still need to drink more soup or porridge, which is very good for your health. Today, I share with you a very light porridge. This porridge is very popular with girls in Guangdong. Anyway, cat mother loves this porridge, First, it’s vegetarian. Second, it’s boiled with white porridge over open fire. It’s hot enough. Such porridge water is very nourishing.


100g rice
500g rape moss
10g ginger
10g edible oil
1 tablespoon salt


Step 1
Wash the rice first

Step 2
Then soak in an appropriate amount of water for 1 hour

Step 3
Put a little cooking oil into the pot

Step 4
Then open the fire to cook porridge. Remember not to cover it

Step 5
When the porridge in the pot is boiling, turn off the fire to medium heat and continue to cook

Step 6
Cook porridge over medium heat all the way. Look, although the porridge in the pot is boiling, it won't silt out

Step 7
Then prepare late cabbage

Step 8
After washing, cut into small grains and shred the ginger

Step 9
When the porridge is soft, put the diced cabbage into the pot

Step 10
Then add shredded ginger

Step 11
Add an appropriate amount of salt to taste

Step 12
Oh, a light and refreshing porridge water is ready