Cabbage is a very common vegetable, but also an essential ingredient on our common people’s table. In such a grand festival as the Spring Festival, Chinese cabbage is very common, but with a little effort, it can also make its debut on the new year’s Eve dinner table. Cabbage in this unique form appears on the table, will certainly attract people to like.


Appropriate amount of cabbage
1 small piece of pork
2 mushrooms
Three Pleurotus eryngii
2 garlic sprouts
A handful of Chinese wolfberry
Some leeks


Step 1
Blanch the cabbage leaves with boiling water, blanch the leeks, shred the ginger, cut the scallion, cut the garlic, dice other ingredients, marinate the meat with soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper, salt and oil for 10 minutes; Heat the oil, add onion, ginger and garlic and saute until fragrant

Step 2
Add diced meat and stir fry; When the diced meat is mature, add diced mushroom, diced carrot, diced apricot abalone mushroom and stir fry, then add garlic moss and stir fry. Finally, add salt to make the filling

Step 3
Take a cabbage leaf, put in the stuffing, put it away around the leaves, tie it with leeks, do it in turn, and put it on the plate

Step 4
Steam for 5 minutes; Pot put soup or water, put the pickled wolfberry, add water and a little salt, drench in cabbage bag can