The essence of this dish lies in those slices of salted meat. First, stir fry the salted meat slices and stir fry the oil. Use this oil to stir fry the cabbage. The guarantee is delicious.


500g cabbage
20G Bacon
80g sausage
100g fans
100g fish tofu
A little shallot
A little salt


Step 1
Thaw the fish and tofu and cut the sausage into pieces

Step 2
Slice the bacon

Step 3
Add bacon in the oil pan, fry the oil, and then pour in the cabbage

Step 4
Add tofu and sausage

Step 5
Add two bowls of water and cook over high heat

Step 6
After boiling, add the pre soaked vermicelli

Step 7
Add salt to taste after boiling next time, and sprinkle with chives