Baby’s favorite vegetables


500g Shanghai Green
15g oil
10g salt
5g oyster sauce
5g starch
10g garlic
5g Lycium barbarum


Step 1
Wash the vegetables, drain the water, wash the wolfberry, mix the starch, oyster sauce and salt with water to make thicken water

Step 2
Put water into the pot and add an appropriate amount of oil and salt

Step 3
Add green vegetables after boiling

Step 4
You can cover it and burn for 2 minutes, or you can not cover it and burn until it breaks

Step 5
Take out the vegetable leaves first

Step 6
Then put the cabbage out

Step 7
Heat the oil pan, add minced garlic and saute until fragrant

Step 8
Pour in thicken water

Step 9
Cook until the soup is thick, add wolfberry and pour green vegetables