Brown sugar and Chinese wolfberry nest eggs were taught by my mother. Because they are simple and often eaten, I remember that brown sugar and ginger boiled water can regulate menstruation and blood circulation, detoxify and moisturize the skin, and have the effect of warming and tonifying. Everyone knows this, but my mother said that adding some Astragalus, wine, Chinese wolfberry and eggs can strengthen blood circulation, as well as the functions and effects of calcium supplement, Qi lifting and beauty. The materials seem miscellaneous, In fact, they all have the same complementary role; The materials are also cheap, and the taste is not bad. Sometimes I cook a bowl for breakfast, and then add some bread and snacks. Similarly, this matching can also be eaten during afternoon tea, which is also great


10g Lycium barbarum
1 egg
40g wine
6 g Astragalus
10g ginger
30g brown sugar


Step 1
Prepare all the materials. Brown sugar can also be black sugar. Only rice grains are used for wine brewing. Yellow meat ginger is used for ginger. Ginger tastes strong

Step 2
Take a small pot, put about 2 bowls of water, and cook Astragalus for 15 minutes

Step 3
Remove the boiled Astragalus membranaceus, put it into ginger slices and cook over low heat

Step 4
After 5 minutes, knock in the egg and turn it to low heat to soak until cooked

Step 5
When the egg surface solidifies, add brown sugar powder

Step 6
After the sugar dissolves, put the rice grains into wine

Step 7
Cook for another 5 minutes, add medlar and cook for a while, then turn off the fire

Step 8
Take brown sugar and wolfberry nest eggs and eat them while they are hot. People will be very energetic if they are warm all over