Brown sugar Ciba is a classic Fujian snack. I order it every time I go to the Sichuan restaurant hotpot restaurant. I thought it was a Sichuan snack at first. It seems to be too popular ~ the glutinous rice ball is fried at high temperature, and the outer skin is crisp. The glutinous rice inside is still soft and waxy, a bit like fried rice cake. Ciba itself is not sweet, but the fragrance of glutinous rice itself. Ciba wrapped with soybean powder and brown sugar juice is sweet, soft and glutinous, which makes people fall in love with it at one bite and never get tired of eating it.


70g glutinous rice flour
60g warm boiled water
50g brown sugar
Proper cooked soybean powder
Proper amount of corn oil


Step 1
Warm boiled water at 40-60 ℃, add it into glutinous rice powder and stir well. Press and knead with your hand into glutinous rice balls, which feel like hard paste. The water absorption of different brands of glutinous rice flour is different. You can add 50g warm water first, rub it a few times, and then add an appropriate amount of water. Don't dilute it.

Step 2
Roll the glutinous rice balls into 1cm thick dough with a rolling pin and cut into long strips for standby.

Step 3
Pour a small amount of corn oil into the non stick pot. When the oil temperature rises to 60%, pick up the sticky rice strips with chopsticks and put them into the pot. Be careful not to be too close to each other. The sticky rice strips will expand and stick together when heated.

Step 4
Often turn the glutinous rice strips, fry them to a golden color on both sides, sprinkle them with cooked soybean powder and wrap them.

Step 5
Add about 40g of water to brown sugar, heat over low heat and stir while boiling. After large bubbles appear, continue to cook for 1-2 minutes. After the soup thickens, turn off the fire and pour it on the Ciba.