I ate a dish of broccoli in soup in the hotel. It’s not expensive. It’s 59 yuan a small plate (heartache), just a few preserved eggs, a little egg white, salted egg yolk, a few small lumps of broccoli, using thick soup treasure and so on


A broccoli
2 preserved eggs
1 salted duck egg
A few cloves of garlic
Two onions
Proper oil
A bowl of spare ribs soup
A pinch of shrimp skin


Step 1
Break the broccoli into small flowers, wash it, soak it in light salt water for half an hour, remove it, and control the water for standby.

Step 2
Cut the green onion and garlic, peel the preserved egg and cut it into pieces. After the salted duck egg is cooked, soak it in cold water. Change the wide lotus protein and cut it into small pieces separately. If you want to save trouble, use the salted egg yolk directly and cut it into four pieces directly.

Step 3
Put water in the pot, add a little salt and a few drops of oil. After the water boils, put the broccoli into the pot, scald until it changes color and remove it.

Step 4
Quickly put it into cold water for a shower. After soaking in cold water, the treated broccoli tastes soft, tender and crisp, especially delicious.

Step 5
Wash the shrimps with clean water and control them to dry for standby.

Step 6
Put a little oil in the pot, fry the preserved egg in the pot a little, add garlic and fry it to make it fragrant.

Step 7
Add the salted egg yolk and stir fry slightly until the salted egg yolk is Sandy.

Step 8
Pour in spareribs soup. In summer, drink more soup. Soup water is especially good for your body. When stewing soup at ordinary times, put a bowl of soup without salt in advance, put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration, and scoop out a layer of oil on the surface with a spoon. This is a nutritious soup. I'm really too lazy to cook soup. I'll teach you a way to turn on our faucet, put a bowl into the pot

Step 9
After the soup boils, pour in the cold broccoli and cook until it is soft and hard as you like.

Step 10
When you get out of the pot, put salt and scallions. If you like, you can pour a little sesame oil to increase the flavor. The salted egg yolk has a salty taste, so be sure to put salt after tasting it.