Broccoli is more delicious, simple, time-saving and nutritious. Picky children grab it. This method is also especially suitable for children who don’t like eating broccoli. Mothers with babies at home can have a try.


100g broccoli
100g flour
50g ham sausage
100g carrot
A small amount of salt
10ml blended oil
2 eggs


Step 1
Wash the broccoli, break off a few and cut them into pieces;

Step 2
Cut ham sausage into small dices;

Step 3
Carrot chopped;

Step 4
Put the cut broccoli, carrot and ham sausage into a small basin;

Step 5
Put two eggs into a small bowl;

Step 6
Add a small amount of salt according to your taste;

Step 7
Put the flour into a small basin;

Step 8
Add a small amount of cold boiled water to make a thinner paste;

Step 9
Put an appropriate amount of mixed oil into the pan. After the oil is hot, scoop up a spoonful of batter and put it into the pan;

Step 10
Fry over low heat until golden at the bottom;

Step 11
Turn over and fry the other side in cash yellow;