Guangdong likes to eat stuffed vegetables


1 eggplant
80g lean meat
4 mushrooms
Appropriate amount of baby soy sauce
Appropriate amount of starch
A little salt
1 onion


Step 1
Prepare all ingredients and soak mushrooms one hour in advance

Step 2
Cut the lean meat into small pieces and mix it into mud in a blender

Step 3
Wash and chop the soaked mushrooms

Step 4
Put the mushrooms into the meat, then add an appropriate amount of starch, baby soy sauce and a little salt and mix well

Step 5
Cut the eggplant into small pieces, then cut the middle, don't cut it

Step 6
Put the mixed meat between the eggplant

Step 7
Put all the eggplant meat on a plate, put it on a hot pot and steam for 10 minutes

Step 8
Before steaming the eggplant, mix a little sauce with starch, soy sauce and a little salt. Pour a little oil into the pot. Pour the mixed juice in. When the juice boils, pour it on the steamed eggplant and sprinkle some scallion

Step 9
Steamed stuffed eggplant with a bowl of rice is a delicious lunch