When the weather is hot, it’s common for people to have a bad appetite. As a cook in the rear, it’s also a problem to make dishes. This dish is made of bitter gourd, meat and vegetables. It’s not greasy, sweet and slightly bitter. It’s just an appetizer. It’s someone’s favorite. It’s done every three or five times in the whole summer


200g minced meat
3 balsam pear
5、 Six Horseshoes
Appropriate amount of chives
1 teaspoon salt
A spoonful of oil
A spoonful of soy sauce


Step 1
Pick this long and thin bitter gourd (it's better to sink). It's a little green to yellow (too green has a bitter taste)

Step 2
Cut the head and tail into two inches

Step 3
Dig out the seeds, sprinkle some salt, and then throw a few times, so that each is evenly coated with a layer of salt (one is to taste bitter gourd, the other is to remove oxalic acid)

Step 4
Chop the meat and horseshoe, add the scallion (add horseshoe for refreshing taste, you can also use pure meat stuffing, or add mushroom, add fungus, see personal preference)

Step 5
Add salt, oil, soy sauce, stir well

Step 6
Stuffing the meat into balsam pear, the pressing point will not run and sink

Step 7
Put in the pressure cooker, paste the bitter gourd on the bottom of the pot, and put in half a bowl of water

Step 8
The pressure cooker can be turned off in about five minutes after steaming, and those who don't like to be too ripe can be turned off a little earlier (it can be turned off when they smell fragrance)