Brewed vegetable is one of the most common dishes in Hakka cuisine. It is called “three treasures of frying and brewing” with brewed bean curd and eggplant. Brewed balsam pear tastes slightly bitter and fresh. It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, improving eyesight and reducing fire. It is one of the most common dishes in Lingnan area in summer and autumn. Brewed balsam pear is mostly steamed and cooked. Today, we need to change the way to make brewed balsam pear not only keep its crisp green color, but also make the meat well cooked~


100g pork
1 bitter gourd
3 dried mushrooms
1 egg


Step 1
Pork choose three fat seven thin as good, finely cut rough ground into minced meat

Step 2
Soak the mushrooms well, cut them into shreds first, then dice them, then chop them into small pieces, a large amount of ginger, smash them with the back of a knife, then chop them into minced ginger, a little green onion, and cut them into small pieces

Step 3
Take a large bowl, add minced meat, then add onion and ginger, mushroom, salt, five spice powder, soy sauce, knock in an egg, mix well

Step 4
Take a small amount of Zanthoxylum water, sprinkle it into the bowl several times, and stir the stuffing clockwise. Add a small amount of Zanthoxylum water many times, and then stir hard until the stuffing is sticky

Step 5
Clean the balsam pear, remove the head and tail, cut into sections of the same size, dig out the inner flesh of the balsam pear, put water in the pot to boil, add balsam pear and salt, blanch the balsam pear to turquoise, take it out and soak it in ice water

Step 6
Fill the prepared balsam pear with meat stuffing in turn. Put a little vegetable oil in the pan. Put the balsam pear in the pan. The meat stuffing is upward. Fry it until the bottom of the balsam pear. Pour water into the pot until it is almost two-thirds of the balsam pear. Cover the pot and bring to a boil

Step 7
Put salt and vegetable oil in the pot to taste, turn off the heat, take out balsam pear, put it on a plate, and finally drop soy sauce on the balsam pear meat stuffing. This step is not necessary, in order to make the brewed meat more delicious and add color