I like cold skin best, but those who wash noodles really don’t want to do it. They are too tired. Those who don’t wash noodles always feel weak. The practice of using a toaster is also very delicious. It’s not inferior to those who wash noodles


400g high gluten flour
640g clear water
1 tablespoon oil sprinkled with chili
4 g salt
2G alkaline surface
1 tsp cooked oil
1 tablespoon soft white sugar
2 tablespoons sesame paste
1 tsp salt
Proper amount of peanut butter
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tablespoon cold vinegar
Proper amount of cold boiled water
3 shallots
3 carrots
Half garlic
2 cucumbers


Step 1
Pour the flour into the bread bucket

Step 2
Pour in clean water

Step 3
Alkali releasing surface

Step 4
Put salt

Step 5
The dough mixing procedure lasts for 30 minutes and stands for one hour

Step 6
Prepare the side dishes

Step 7
Cut well

Step 8
Mixed sesame paste

Step 9
Oil the cold skin gongs

Step 10
Sit in the pot and bring to a boil

Step 11
Put in cool gongs, cover and steam for two or three minutes, and bubble up

Step 12
Find a basin larger than a gong and put it in cold water

Step 13
Put in the cold skin Gong

Step 14
This is the cold skin uncovered

Step 15
Apply cooked oil between two cold skins

Step 16
Cut into the width and thickness you like

Step 17
Put the side dishes

Step 18
Add sugar, vinegar, sesame water and peanut butter

Step 19

Step 20
Finally, drizzle with sesame oil