I cleaned up the cabinet these days. When I saw the large bottle of mountain yellow bark pickled at the beginning of the year, I opened it and smelled it. The sour smell was attractive. The special smell of mountain yellow bark went straight to my nose, and my saliva immediately flowed down. When it comes to this small fruit, many people may not have seen it, because it is a fruit rich in Guangxi. It is basically difficult to see outside Guangxi. Mountain yellow peel is a kind of yellow peel fruit. The fruit is yellow and white, much smaller than the general yellow peel, but its peel is smooth, without the rough feeling of yellow peel fruit. It tastes sour and sweet and has a special aroma. In early summer, many people will eat it directly to relieve summer heat and thirst. Of course, local people will buy more than ten kilograms, wash, air, add salt and vinegar, Usually make fish fried duck and put some in it. The taste is really memorable.


1 yellow croaker
3 tablespoons corn starch
15 gram mountain yellow bark
1 chive
1 coriander
4 ginger slices
1 finger pepper
15g soy sauce
5g oyster sauce
10g cooking wine
1g pepper
Half a bowl of hot water


Step 1
Get the materials ready. The yellow croaker bought more than one kilogram. The fish plate at home can't fit. There is always a posture to jump the dragon's gate, ha ha.

Step 2
Open the belly of the yellow croaker and remove the intestines inside. The black film should be cleaned with a brush, so that the fish can not be fishy.

Step 3
After the yellow croaker is cleaned, use kitchen paper to absorb water. At this time, the non stick step is coming. Screen a layer of thin starch. This layer of starch can make a protective film for the fish skin. Even if you turn the fish skin, it won't break~

Step 4
In a hot pot, pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot, put in the yellow croaker coated with thin starch, and fry slowly over medium and low heat.

Step 5
After one side is fried, turn the other side and continue to fry until golden. Put ginger slices on it. The fish wrapped in starch is really resistant to turning.

Step 6
Mix soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooking wine, pepper, mountain yellow peel and water into a sauce, pour it into the pot, boil over medium heat, turn to low heat and simmer, and constantly pour the sauce on the fish with a spoon.

Step 7
Cover the pot and simmer over medium heat for 5 minutes.

Step 8
Bring to a boil, add coriander and scallion, and you can get out of the pot. It's super fragrant~